Massage Treatments
Rachel is qualified to perform many different types of massage-all with different beneficial properties for mind and body. Here is description of all the massage treatments available to help you choose which is right for you. Rachel is more than happy to help you select your treatment programme, depending on your individual circumstances.

Swedish massage is the most widely known form of massage and techniques are specifically used to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by applying pressure to the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. In addition to the relaxing and de stressing effects to mind and body, Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.
Back neck & shoulder 30 mins 20.00
Full body 1 hour 30.00
Full body, face & scalp 1 hour 15 minutes 35.00

Using a combination of essential oils from plants and therapeutic massage, this treatment is beneficial for promoting well being to the mind and body. Essential oils are particularly suited for people with stress related problems such as headaches, PMS, disturbed sleep, anxiety and depression. It can also bring relief to physical symptoms such as back ache, rheumatism, high blood pressure, poor circulation, skin conditions and headaches.Rachel can mix a blend of oils uniquely for you, allowing your mind and body to rebalance.
Back neck & shoulder 30 mins 25.00
Full body 1 hour 33.00
Full body, face & scalp 1 hour 15 minutes 38.00

A traditional Indian technique of treating the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. The therapeutic effects last long after the treatment is over and the client will often report a feeling of peace and calm, yet revitalised. Indian head massage helps to restore a state of balance, by relieving stress through the body's natural healing process. The short and long-term cumulative effects of this treatment can help to relieve eyestrain and headaches, improve concentration, relieve fatigue, improve joint mobility and relieve stress and muscular tension.
Indian head massage 45 mins 28.00

Hot stone massage uses soothing oils, warm basalt (volcanic) and sometimes cold marble stones to relax your muscles, allowing for a deeper, intense massage. Essential oils are used along with the stones which are incorporated into the massage to provide warmth, relaxation and a deep treatment to the muscles. Stones are placed along points of the body called chakras, to relieve stress and balance the body's energies. This treatment is also excellent for boosting circulation.
Hot stone massage - full body 1 hour 40.00
Full body plus face and scalp 1 hour 15 mins 45.00

Remedial, is one of the deepest forms of massage and ideal for the relief and prevention of musculo-skeletal injuries or conditions, whether through sport, occupation, postural problems or a specific trauma. The treatment consists of deep manipulation of the soft and connective tissues of the body, leading to relief of chronic or acute muscular pain and an increase in joint mobility, improved circulation and a profound level of physical and mental relaxation.
The treatment is ideal for those who have a demanding life style, by providing an opportunity to unwind, have aches and pains eased out and achieve a deep sense of overall calm and balance. Remedial massage will help with stress related conditions, increase circulation and lymph flow, stretch shortened soft tissue and help loosen scar tissue.
Rachel likes to combine remedial massage with Swedish massage to aid relaxation and essential oils can be added to the treatment if you wish.
Infra red heat lamp can be used to help soften and warm particularly congested muscles, prior to manipulation of the tissues, for added treatment benefit.
Back neck & shoulder 30 mins 25.00
Full body 1 hour 35.00

A sport massage is a more invigorating treatment and the aim is to prepare, treat and maintain soft and connective tissues. Anyone who is athletic, or partakes in sport can benefit from a sports massage. It is generally broken down into groups.
PRE-EVENT - Quick, energetic techniques are used, to enhance an athlete's warm-up. It will increase circulation, stimulate the muscles and increase flexibility and range of motion. This helps to reduce muscle pain and soreness and prepares the athlete for their performance.
POST EVENT - A more calming technique, to aid muscles in returning to their natural state. Slow stretching movements help to keep circulation boosted and eliminate toxins, to prevent muscle soreness, fatigue and spasms.
MAINTENANCE - Techniques are used to aid the athlete throughout their training. Myo-facial release and stretching, all help to keep the athlete supple and prevent muscles from contracting and causing potential injury.
REHABILITATION - Using many of the skills acquired by the therapist, various methods will be used to aid the body in it's natural healing process, to ensure the muscles are restored to optimum health. Massage, stretching, strengthening, heat, equipment and nutrition combined with homecare, will all contribute to a successful programme.

This includes a full consultation, including postural and mobility assessment, plus treatment
30 minutes 25.00
1 hour 35.00

Pre and post event and rehabilitation programmes can be tailored for your individual circumstances.